About My Straps

DOBRA ammo watch straps are made from high quality leather
made to last rough conditions... With a gorgeous patina formed after
decades of use and abuse. Made from old, used military rifle slings.
DOBRA new leather watch strap made from high quality English
Everything is hand made ... cuttings, holes, hand sewed, burnished...
only the best materials were used and the best technique.
My special collections:

-PULYA collection, 20mm straps
-RUSSIAN Cigar, 22mm straps

-BOLSHOI collection,
26mm straps
KATYUSHA collection, 28mm straps

Usualy my straps come without holes so you can custom make them
to fit your wrist but i could make them on request
My little shop is located at my house in Beaconsfield, in the wonderful
province of Quebec, Canada.